Veterans Luncheon May 26th

Veterans Luncheon May 26th

Time is 11:00 am at the the Veterans Park weather permitting, if not will be held at Columbus County Fair Grounds. Any changes will be announced.

Please register to attend, see the form below. You can download the form by clicking on the arrow pointing downward below on the bar or just print it by clicking on the printer icon on the bar below.

If you are a veteran and going and just want to register to go, below this form is the online version to just put your information in and submit. If you are bringing a spouse or child or either a guest you can also use the form below this one to register and pay the fee for a spouse or child $5.00 or a guest $10.00 online. Whichever is more convenient for you. Thank you!

Register below and pay the fees online. Give your name at the door your information will already be provided by this form and your payment.

Be sure that when you calculate your fees below for a spouse, children or guest you add the ‘Quantity’ for example for only a spouse set the quantity to 1, if guest you invite 2 set the ‘Quantity’ to 2 to give you the correct debit amount.

Thank you!